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  • okimâhkân ᐅᑭᒫᐦᑳᐣ NA chief; elected or appointed chief; reserve chief; band council leader; pretend leader (CW)
  • okimâwiwin ᐅᑭᒫᐃᐧᐃᐧᐣ NI chieftaincy; social status; government (CW)
  • okitimâkis ᐅᑭᑎᒫᑭᐢ NA poor person, materially or mentally challenged; (CW)
  • okimotiskow ᐅᑭᒧᑎᐢᑯᐤ N A thief. (MD)
  • okîskwepew pl. okîskwepewak ᐅᑮᐢᑫᐧᐯᐤ NA A drunk person; a person who is continually drunk. (AE)
  • okimâskwiw ᐅᑭᒫᐢᑭᐧᐤ NA the boss's wife (EC)
  • okispêwêw ᐅᑭᐢᐯᐁᐧᐤ NA defender, one who defends and takes part (CW)
  • okimâskwiw pl. okimâskwiwak ᐅᑭᒫᐢᑭᐧᐤ NA The boss's wife; s/he is the boss's wife; a queen. (AE)
  • okinosêmiw ᐅᑭᓄᓭᒥᐤ VAI s/he has fish (CW)
  • okimotiskiw ᐅᑭᒧᑎᐢᑭᐤ NA thief, kleptomaniac (CW)
  • okimâwiwin ᐅᑭᒫᐃᐧᐃᐧᐣ NI the act of being boss (EC)
  • okiskwepesk ᐅᑭᐢᑫᐧᐯᐢᐠ N An alcoholic. (MD)
  • okimotiskak ᐅᑭᒧᑎᐢᑲᐠ NA thieves (EC)
  • okimâwiwin pl. okimâwiwina ᐅᑭᒫᐃᐧᐃᐧᐣ NI The act of being boss; government worker. (AE)
  • okiskimaniw ᐅᑭᐢᑭᒪᓂᐤ VAI s/he has a file (for sharpening tools) (CW)
  • okihcihtâw ᐅᑭᐦᒋᐦᑖᐤ NA warrior, worthy young man (CW)
  • okipahowêw ᐅᑭᐸᐦᐅᐁᐧᐤ NA jailer, prison guard; goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender (CW)
  • okitohcikew pl. okitohcikewak ᐅᑭᑐᐦᒋᑫᐤ NA A person who plays music, i.e.: on a stereo or an instrument; one who plays music. (AE)
  • okistikaniw ᐅᑭᐢᑎᑲᓂᐤ VP He has a wheat field or garden. (MD)
  • okistakêwi ᐅᑭᐢᑕᑫᐃᐧ IPC much, many (CW)
  • okimânâhk ᐅᑭᒫᓈᕁ IPC government, federal or provincial government; Band Council, Band authorities (CW)
  • okîsikosis pl. okîsikosisak ᐅᑮᓯᑯᓯᐢ NA A cherub. (AE)
  • okiseyinima ᐅᑭᓭᔨᓂᒪ N Her old man. Also used to mean her husband. (MD)
  • okihkwahakew ᐅᑭᐦᑲᐧᐦᐊᑫᐤ V A wolverine. (MD)
  • okimâwâmô ᐅᑭᒫᐋᐧᒨ NA king bee (drone) (EC)
  • okimaskwesis ᐅᑭᒪᐢᑫᐧᓯᐢ N The chief's daughter. (MD)
  • okitohcikêw ᐅᑭᑐᐦᒋᑫᐤ NA musician; (CW)
  • okikacimewak ᐅᑭᑲᒋᒣᐊᐧᐠ NA a family of 10–15 beaver (EC)
  • okisewatisiw ᐅᑭᓭᐊᐧᑎᓯᐤ N A kind person. (MD)
  • okistatowân pl. okistatowânak ᐅᑭᐢᑕᑐᐋᐧᐣ NA A very large, old bear; a grizzly bear. Var. mistahaya. (AE)
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