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  • mispon ᒥᐢᐳᐣ VII It snows; or it is snowing. (AE)
  • mispon ᒥᐢᐳᐣ VP It is snowing. (MD)
  • mispon ᒥᐢᐳᐣ VII it snows (EC)
  • mispon ᒥᐢᐳᐣ VII it snows, it is snowing (CW)
  • misponayaw ᒥᐢᐳᓇᔭᐤ VP It is snowy (flurries). (MD)
  • misponisiw ᒥᐢᐳᓂᓯᐤ VAI s/he has snowfall, s/he has snow overtake him/her, s/he receives snow (CW)
  • misponayâw ᒥᐢᐳᓇᔮᐤ VII it kind of snows, it snows lightly (EC)
  • misponyotin ᒥᐢᐳᐣᔪᑎᐣ VAI a storm with wind and snow (EC)
  • misponayasin ᒥᐢᐳᓇᔭᓯᐣ VII it snows lightly, it kind of snows lightly (EC)
  • misponihtâw pl. misponihtâwak ᒥᐢᐳᓂᐦᑖᐤ VAI S/he makes it snow. (AE)
  • misponipayiw ᒥᐢᐳᓂᐸᔨᐤ VII flurry (EC)
  • misponipayiw ᒥᐢᐳᓂᐸᔨᐤ VII There is a snow flurry. (AE)
  • misponihtâw ᒥᐢᐳᓂᐦᑖᐤ VAI s/he makes it snow (EC)
  • misponipestaw ᒥᐢᐳᓂᐯᐢᑕᐤ VTI there is sleet (EC)
  • nohte mispon ᓄᐦᑌ  ᒥᐢᐳᐣ VP It is going to snow. (MD)
  • ka misponyotihk ᑲ  ᒥᐢᐳᐣᔪᑎᕁ VII snowstorm (EC)
  • misimispon ᒥᓯᒥᐢᐳᐣ VII it snows heavily (EC)
  • ponimispon ᐳᓂᒥᐢᐳᐣ VP It stops snowing. (MD)
  • oskimispon ᐅᐢᑭᒥᐢᐳᐣ VII there is new or fresh snow (EC)
  • oskimispon ᐅᐢᑭᒥᐢᐳᐣ VII There is new or fresh snow. (AE)
  • pôni-mispon ᐴᓂ ᒥᐢᐳᐣ VII it stops snowing (CW)
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