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eat Act of eating

ᒥᒋᓱᐃᐧᐣ micisowin [NI]
s/he has had her/his fill, kîspiw (vai); s/he eats, micisiw (vai); having enough to eat, kîspowin (ni); s/he has given her/him enough to eat, kîspohew (vta); s/he is satisfied after eating, kîsposkoyiw (vai); s/he ate up all of the other person's food, kitâmawew (vai); s/he ate everything up, kitânawew (vai); the act of eating up everything, kitânawewin (ni); s/he ate it up, kitâw (vti); s/he is eating right now, mekwâmîcisiw (vai); s/he eats the sap of the trees, mestasiw (vai); s/he makes her/him eat, micisohew (vta); s/he eats it, miciw (vai); s/he pretends to eat, mîtisohkâsiw (vai); s/he eats berries from the fruit tree, môminew (vai); s/he eats snow, mowâkonew (vai); s/he eats them, mowew (vta); s/he overeats and is sick, osâmiskoyiw (vai); s/he eats marrow from a bone, pâstasiw (vai); the act of eating marrow from a bone, pâstasiwin (ni); s/he eats with her/him, wicimîcisomew (vta); s/he enjoys eating, wihkipiw (vai); s/he eats greedily, wihtikowiw (vai); the act of eating greedily, wihtikowiwin (ni); cannibal or insane person, wihtikiw (na)
Source: Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary English-Cree
Language: Cree
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