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medicine A healing potion or a medicine gift that has spirit power benefits

ᒪᐢᑭᐦᑮᕀ maskihkîy [NI]
a medicine root or musquash root, manitoskatask (na) (Northern Cree); a medicine root or musquash root, wehkesk (na) (Plains Cree); medicine water or spirit power liquid, maskihkiwâpiy (ni); medicine leaves or herbs with spirit power benefits, maskihkiwopakwa (ni); medicine vapor, aroma, or odor, maskihkîwakan (ni); that characteristic that all great medicine possesses, maskihkîwan (ni); healing medicine, nâtawihowin (ni); the act of providing healing medicine, nâtawihiwewin (ni); s/he provides the healing medicine for her/him, nâtawihew (vai); s/he provides healing medicine for herself/himself, i.e.: boiling roots, nâtawihisiw (vai)
Source: Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary English-Cree
Language: Cree
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