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ᒨᓴᐧ môswa [NA]
bull moose, yâpew (na); a big bull moose, mistiyâpew (na); a one-year-old bull, yikihcawases (na); a two-year-old bull, waskewceses (na); a three-year-old bull, okinomwacayeses (na); a four-year-old bull, oskoweskwamotayew (na); a five-year-old bull, weskwamotayew (na); a six-year-old and older bull, mistakwanakotew (na); a female moose, onîcaniwmôswa (na); a mother moose with one calf, nôses (na); a mother moose with two calves, onîswaskomew (na); a dry cow, i.e.: used when referring to a female moose, onîcaniw (na); a young moose or baby moose, oskâyis (na)
Source: Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary English-Cree
Language: Cree
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