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  • kaskapahtew ᑲᐢᑲᐸᐦᑌᐤ V 1. It is smoky. 2. It is smoked. (MD)
  • kaskapahtew ᑲᐢᑲᐸᐦᑌᐤ VII there is smoke (EC)
  • kaskâpahtew ᑲᐢᑳᐸᐦᑌᐤ VII it is smokey (EC)
  • kaskâpahtew pl. kaskâpahtewa ᑲᐢᑳᐸᐦᑌᐤ VII It is smokey; (ni) smoke. (AE)
  • kaskâpahtew ᑲᐢᑳᐸᐦᑌᐤ VTI it is smoked, i.e.: moose meat (EC)
  • kaskâpahtew ᑲᐢᑳᐸᐦᑌᐤ NI smoulder or smolder (EC)
  • kaskâpahtew ᑲᐢᑳᐸᐦᑌᐤ VII fume As smoke (EC)
  • kaskâpahtêw ᑲᐢᑳᐸᐦᑌᐤ VII it is smoky; it appears smokey; it is smoking, it emits smoke (e.g. a chimney); it is smoked (CW)
  • kaskâpahtêw ᑲᐢᑳᐸᐦᑌᐤ NI smoke (CW)
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