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  • watihkwanis ᐊᐧᑎᐦᑲᐧᓂᐢ NI twig (EC)
  • kaskinam ᑲᐢᑭᓇᒼ VTI S/he breaks off a twig or a branch. (AE)
  • ehkaskinahk ᐁᐦᑲᐢᑭᓇᕁ VP He breaks a twig by snapping it off a tree. (MD)
  • ehkaskatwanahk ᐁᐦᑲᐢᑲᑕᐧᓇᕁ VP He accidentally snaps or breaks a twig or stick. (MD)
  • kaskina ᑲᐢᑭᓇ VC Break it off. As a twig. (MD)
  • kaskinikew ᑲᐢᑭᓂᑫᐤ VTI S/he breaks a bunch of twigs. (AE)
  • wacihkwanis ᐊᐧᒋᐦᑲᐧᓂᐢ NI sprig A small branch or twig (EC)
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