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  • ka mâhmâsinasohk ᑲ  ᒫᐦᒫᓯᓇᓱᕁ VAI spotted (EC)
  • masinâsowatim ᒪᓯᓈᓱᐊᐧᑎᒼ NA a spotted horse, i.e.: a pinto (EC)
  • masinâsowatim pl. masinâsowatimwak ᒪᓯᓈᓱᐊᐧᑎᒼ NA A spotted horse, i.e.: a pinto. (AE)
  • cahkasinastêw ᒐᐦᑲᓯᓇᐢᑌᐤ VII it is spotted, it is covered in polka dots (CW)
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