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  • nohkom ᓄᐦᑯᒼ N My grandmother. (MD)
  • nohkom ᓄᐦᑯᒼ NDA my grandmother (CW)
  • nohkôm ᓄᐦᑰᒼ NA grandma My grandma (EC)
  • nohkôm pl. nohkômak ᓄᐦᑰᒼ NA My grandmother; my grandma; my granny or my grannie; my great-aunt. (AE)
  • nohkôm ᓄᐦᑰᒼ NA my grandmother (EC)
  • nohkôm ᓄᐦᑰᒼ NA granny or grannie My granny or grannie (EC)
  • nohkôm ᓄᐦᑰᒼ NA my great-aunt (EC)
  • nohkomis ᓄᐦᑯᒥᐢ NDA my uncle, my parallel uncle; my father's brother, my mother's sister's husband (CW)
  • nohkomnan ᓄᐦᑯᒼᓇᐣ NA our grandmother (EC)
  • nohkomipan ᓄᐦᑯᒥᐸᐣ NDA my deceased grandmother, my late grandmother (CW)
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