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  • niya ᓂᔭ PR I, me, mine (CW)
  • niya ᓂᔭ PRON I, Me. Mine. (MD)
  • niya ᓂᔭ PR Me; I; mine. (AE)
  • niya ᓂᔭ IPC I (EC)
  • niya ᓂᔭ PR me (EC)
  • niya ᓂᔭ IPC I am (EC)
  • niya ᓂᔭ PR mine (EC)
  • niyâ ᓂᔮ IPC go ahead, go on, be off! (CW)
  • niyananomitanaw niyananosap ᓂᔭᓇᓄᒥᑕᓇᐤ  ᓂᔭᓇᓄᓴᑊ N Fifty five. (MD)
  • niyaw ᓂᔭᐤ NDI my body (CW)
  • niyaw ᓂᔭᐤ N My body. (MD)
  • niyaw ᓂᔭᐤ NI my body (EC)
  • niyah ᓂᔭᐦ VC Go. (MD)
  • niyahk ᓂᔭᕁ IPC 2. Beforehand. Ahead of time. (MD)
  • niyahk ᓂᔭᕁ VC 1. All of you go. (MD)
  • niyanan ᓂᔭᓇᐣ N Five. (MD)
  • niyaman ᓂᔭᒪᐣ VII it is slight (EC)
  • niyaman pl. niyamanwa ᓂᔭᒪᐣ VII It is slight. (AE)
  • niyamâw ᓂᔭᒫᐤ  it is tiny and frail, i.e.: a canoe (EC)
  • niyamâw pl. niyamâwa ᓂᔭᒫᐤ VII It is tiny and frail, i.e.: a canoe. (AE)
  • niyanân ᓂᔭᓈᐣ PR we, us, our (CW)
  • nîyanân ᓃᔭᓈᐣ PR We, us. (AE)
  • nîyanân ᓃᔭᓈᐣ NA someone else and me or we (EC)
  • niya wiya ᓂᔭ  ᐃᐧᔭ PR for my part, as for me; I myself (CW)
  • niyamisiw ᓂᔭᒥᓯᐤ VAI it is poorly built (EC)
  • niya wiya ᓂᔭ  ᐃᐧᔭ IPC Just me. (AE)
  • nîyanân ᓃᔭᓈᐣ VII ours (EC)
  • niyamisiw pl. niyamisiwak ᓂᔭᒥᓯᐤ VAI It is poorly built. (AE)
  • niyamâsin pl. niyamâsinwa ᓂᔭᒫᓯᐣ VII "It is built meagerly". Used when referring to small items, i.e.: a table. (AE)
  • niyamâtan ᓂᔭᒫᑕᐣ VAI used when referring to large items, i.e.: a house, "it is poorly constructed" (EC)
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