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  • nikamon ᓂᑲᒧᐣ NI song; hymn (CW)
  • nikamon pl. nikamona ᓂᑲᒧᐣ NI A song. (Northern). Alt. nikamowin (Plains). (AE)
  • nikamow ᓂᑲᒧᐤ VAI s/he sings (CW)
  • nikamoh ᓂᑲᒧᐦ VC Sing. (MD)
  • nikamon ᓂᑲᒧᐣ NI singing The act of singing (EC)
  • nikamow ᓂᑲᒧᐤ VP He sings. (MD)
  • nikamon ᓂᑲᒧᐣ NI song (EC)
  • nikamowin ᓂᑲᒧᐃᐧᐣ NI song (EC)
  • nikamowin ᓂᑲᒧᐃᐧᐣ NI song, singing (CW)
  • nikamowin ᓂᑲᒧᐃᐧᐣ NI warble The act of singing (EC)
  • nikamohaw ᓂᑲᒧᐦᐊᐤ VP He is made to sing. (MD)
  • nikamowin ᓂᑲᒧᐃᐧᐣ NI singing The act of singing (EC)
  • nikamowin ᓂᑲᒧᐃᐧᐣ N A song. Singing. (MD)
  • nikamoham ᓂᑲᒧᐦᐊᒼ VTI s/he sings about s.t.; s/he plays the record player (CW)
  • nikamohew ᓂᑲᒧᐦᐁᐤ VTA s/he makes her/him sing (EC)
  • nikamohew ᓂᑲᒧᐦᐁᐤ VP He makes him sing. (MD)
  • nikamowin pl. nikamowina ᓂᑲᒧᐃᐧᐣ NI A song; the act of singing. (Plains). Alt. nikamon (Northern). (AE)
  • nikamohew pl. nikamohewak ᓂᑲᒧᐦᐁᐤ VTA S/he makes her/him sing. (AE)
  • nikamoskiw ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑭᐤ VP He sings often. (MD)
  • nikamohêw ᓂᑲᒧᐦᐁᐤ VTA s/he makes s.o. sing; s/he teaches s.o. songs (CW)
  • nikamostam ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑕᒼ VTI S/he sings about it. (AE)
  • nikamoskiw ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑭᐤ VAI s/he sings habitually, s/he sings often (CW)
  • nikamostawew ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑕᐁᐧᐤ VTA S/he sings for her/him. (AE)
  • nikamostawew ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑕᐁᐧᐤ VTA s/he sings for her/him (EC)
  • nikamostâkew ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑖᑫᐤ VTA S/he sings for people. (AE)
  • nikamostamawêw ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑕᒪᐁᐧᐤ VTA s/he sings for s.o. (CW)
  • nikamostamâkêw ᓂᑲᒧᐢᑕᒫᑫᐤ VAI s/he sings for people, s/he makes music for people (CW)
  • nikamowenihk isih ᓂᑲᒧᐁᐧᓂᕁ  ᐃᓯᐦ  vocally (EC)
  • nîkamostamakewin pl. nîkamostamakewina ᓃᑲᒧᐢᑕᒪᑫᐃᐧᐣ NI The act of singing a song for someone, i.e.: a dedication. (AE)
  • nîkamostamakewin ᓃᑲᒧᐢᑕᒪᑫᐃᐧᐣ NI dedication (EC)
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