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  • nichi ᓂᒋ PREFIX Means, me with somebody else. Also my. (MD)
  • nichimos ᓂᒋᒧᐢ PRON My cross-cousin (male or female depending on the speaker). General term - my sweetheart. (MD)
  • nichimiw pl. nichimiwak ᓂᒋᒥᐤ VP He hold or grasps onto something. (MD)
  • nichiwam ᓂᒋᐊᐧᒼ N My first cousin. Father's brother's son or mother's sister's son. (MD)
  • nichimin ᓂᒋᒥᐣ VC Hold him physically. (MD)
  • nichi aya ᓂᒋ  ᐊᔭ N Means one of my kind. (MD)
  • nichimina ᓂᒋᒥᓇ VC Hold it. (MD)
  • nichiminam ᓂᒋᒥᓇᒼ VP He holds it. (MD)
  • nichiminaw ᓂᒋᒥᓇᐤ VP He is held. (MD)
  • nichinapew ᓂᒋᓇᐯᐤ N My fellow man. (MD)
  • nichimosin ᓂᒋᒧᓯᐣ VP He gets stuck because he is too big to pass through. (MD)
  • nichiminew ᓂᒋᒥᓀᐤ VP He holds him. Animate. (MD)
  • nichimihtin ᓂᒋᒥᐦᑎᐣ VP It is stuck in place while moving (it cannot move). Inanimate. (MD)
  • nichimohtin ᓂᒋᒧᐦᑎᐣ VP It gets stuck because it is too big to pass through. Inanimate. As a desk through a doorway. (MD)
  • nichiminikan ᓂᒋᒥᓂᑲᐣ N Any kind of handle. (MD)
  • nichimahpisow ᓂᒋᒪᐦᐱᓱᐤ VP He is tied down or bound. (MD)
  • nichiminitohk ᓂᒋᒥᓂᑐᕁ VC Hold each other. Hang on to each other. (MD)
  • nichiwamiskwem ᓂᒋᐊᐧᒥᐢᑫᐧᒼ N My first cousin. Father's brother's daughter or mother's sister's daughter. (MD)
  • nichiminitowak ᓂᒋᒥᓂᑐᐊᐧᐠ VP They hold or hand on to each other. As in dancing. (MD)
  • matwanichi ᒪᑕᐧᓂᒋ EXCL I wonder. I don't know. (also a reply). (MD)
  • ekakekinichik ᐁᑲᑫᑭᓂᒋᐠ VP They are picked out of a group (as to be the most likely or the best). (MD)
  • ospiskwanichichan ᐅᐢᐱᐢᑲᐧᓂᒋᒐᐣ N The back of the hand. (MD)
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